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6G technology - 

At present, it is seen that 5G service has not yet started for the people of most countries of the world, but the process of launching 6G service has started in Japan. Many companies are working together to arrange this service. For example -  Nokia, NTT, DoCoMo and the nearby Fujitsu company are all working together. Nokia has claimed that 6G network access will be about 100 times faster than 5G.

Understand what will be the speed of 6G internet? When can 6G internet be launched in the world? and what will be its impact on the daily life of common people?

Countries with 6G -

Many countries of the world are working in the process of expanding the speed of the Internet. Along with Japan, 5 countries have started work on 6G Internet. Japan's organization Information and Communication Technology (NICT) has told that big companies like Nokia, NTT, DoCoMo, and Fujitsu are working together on 6G Internet in detail.

(NICT) has said that Japan has started trials on 6G Internet, and is among the first 5 countries working to make the 6G Internet dream come true, and to expand the technology. The Japanese government is talking about a real and smooth launch of 6G Internet before 2030 so that the public can get the benefits of this method quickly.  


But it is not that only Japan is working on 6G internet there are more developed and powerful countries working on it, the countries whose names are China, America, South Korea, and Europe. And these countries also working on 6G internet. they working hard to make it a reality.

Information about 6G internet.  why it is better than 5g internet? 

  • 6g internet is called 6g because it is the sixth era of the network. It is being said that the speed of 6G internet will be 1 Tbps.
  • It will run at the speed of 8000 Gbps. And it will have a big feature that in an area of ​​one-kilometer width and one-kilometer length, 6G will connect 10 times more devices.         
  • It will be 10 times faster than 5G. If we talk about the speed, then the web speed of 5G is only 10 Gbps while the speed of 6G is 1000 Gbps.
  • According to a report by TOI, customers will actually be able to download 142 hours of high-quality video in just 1 second through 6G.  
  • For example, if one HD-quality movie is about 2.5 hours long, 57 HD movies like this can be downloaded in just one second.


What will change in the world with the start of the 6G era?

Its arrival will bring many changes in the lives of people. With 6G, it will be possible to run the metro and other vehicles like it automatically. In that era, vehicles can be run without a driver. Virtual reality will start being used. With its help, all the work will become easier.  


What kind of changes will happen in the world with the arrival of 6G?

In this, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundberg's belief is that, after the performance of 6G, people will start using cell phones again. will do. He said that, even though the use of cell phones may continue, we will have much better and better technology than this. 6G generation will make us properly aware of technology like 'Cyborg' and 'Brain computer', thus we will start living in a new era. 6G will be used for the welfare of society and country

 What is called a cyborg?

In cyborg technology, a human's body can be changed in a very advanced way, chips are fitted into the human body, and with this other technology can be fitted into the human body. Pekka Lundberg says that the method of fitting a machine instead of body parts in a human body is called a cyborg.

 What is the meaning of (G) used in the internet -


'' True meaning of (G)is generation'' Internet came into existence in 1979 and then the generation started from here. And this was the first generation, this generation was promoted till 1984. And after some time in the year 1991, the generation of 2G internet started, it was faster than the first generation

And 3G internet generation came into existence in 1998, thus the generation got developed. 4G generation came into existence in 2008 and 5G generation in 2019. Thus the word G is of great importance in the Internet, so g is called a generation. There will be more upgraded versions of the Internet in the future. And this generation will continue to grow in this way. And the Internet will have a huge contribution to human life. 

Speeds of Generations -

  • 1979       1G (speed)= 2.4 kbps
  • 1991       2G (speed)= 64 kbps
  • 2001       3G (speed)= 2 Mbps
  • 2009       4G (speed)= 30 Mbps
  • 2019       5G (speed)= 60 Mbps /1gbps

Although the facility of 5G has not been available to the common people in many countries of the world, it will be available after a few years and a new era will start.



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