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              Water oil absorbing pad

              Product Name:Water oil absorbing pad

              Category:Adsorption pads and felt of medium wing FG polymer

              Product Infomation:

              The rare mat on the water is mainly used to control and clean up oil spills and chemicals leakage, splashing and spilling accidents. It has strong adsorption capacity to diesel oil, gasoline, engine oil, toluene, xylene, nitrobenzene, kerosene, formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol and other leakage pollutants, which provides a low-cost and environmental protection cleaning scheme for emergency adsorption treatment of oil leakage pollution on water.

              Application scope of water oil suction pad: Airport oil depot, gas station, highway, dangerous goods transport vehicle, factory workshop, beside large equipment, pipeline interface easy to leak, oil leakage from equipment in shipping vessels, port and wharf, oil company, oil / chemical storage company, oil refinery, oil depot, chemical plant, automobile repair shop, anti leakage contractor, fire prevention department Environmental cleaning company, emergency rescue center.

              How to use the water oil absorbing pad: after the operators wear protective clothing, protective gloves, protective eyes and other protective equipment, the water oil absorbing pad is directly sprayed (placed) on the leakage site, which can quickly absorb the hazardous liquid contaminated by leakage, change the liquid into solid, and facilitate cleaning.

              Product specification: fg310 40cm × 50cm, weight 310G / piece, 12pcs / carton, oil absorption capacity 20L per box.

              The size of the water oil absorbing pad is 2: fg1200 60cm × 90cm, weighing about 1200g / piece, 6 pieces / bag, and the oil absorption capacity of each package is 48l.