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              Chemical liquid adsorbed particles on water

              Product Name:Chemical liquid adsorbed particles on water

              Category:Adsorption particles of medium wing FG polymer com

              Product Infomation:

              Chemical liquid adsorption particles on water are designed for chemical leakage, which are suitable for emergency disposal and reserve use of oil and chemicals leakage on water, so as to realize environmental protection, scientific and ecological emergency treatment, and achieve the purpose of clean environment, no pollution of surrounding environment, no secondary disasters, and protection of ecological environment to a certain extent.


              1. Chemical liquid adsorption particles floating on the water surface. Strong adsorption. No fear of wind and rain. Simple recovery, low cost, product shelf life of more than 5 years. It can absorb more than 5 times the weight of chemical liquid itself.

              2. Strong adsorption of chemicals and oil, fire-fighting, explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, inert, acid, alkali resistant, chemical stability, non-toxic. Some physical adsorption toxic substances are not easy to secondary leakage, insoluble in water, resistant to rain wash, fire and explosion-proof, high temperature resistant, flame combustion at 800 ℃ does not self ignite, in the rapid absorption at the same time, can isolate the air, achieve fire and explosion-proof, aromatic chemicals with explosion-proof, fire-fighting and electrostatic function, simple recovery, environmental protection, no secondary pollution.

              3. The chemical liquid adsorbs particles on water. The chemical leakage of dock platform is quickly blocked up and absorbed, so as to avoid the risk of leakage of sewer. Ensure that emergency activities do not pollute the environment.

              4. It is suitable for port chemical enterprises, water surface and road surface leakage accidents, large-scale wharf flammable and explosive chemicals storage, highway, emergency fire-fighting and other places to prevent leakage of flammable and explosive materials, anti-seepage, anti-water pollution. It is a low-cost and cost-effective emergency disposal reserve material to prevent the leakage of flammable and explosive chemicals.

              usage method:

              ● in case of chemical leakage accident, put the adsorption drag fence around the pollution source immediately to prevent the leakage from expanding and exploding.

              The fire-retardant and explosion-proof materials for chemical leakage are scattered on the water surface or ground of chemical leakage, which can adsorb pollutants in the particles to prevent fire and explosion. The conventional recovery method can be used.

              If the chemical is still leaking, do not salvage or remove the fire-retardant and explosion-proof materials immediately. Wait for chemicals to stop leaking and absorb before fishing or cleaning.

              The fire-retardant and explosion-proof materials for chemical leakage adsorbed shall be put into woven bags or sealed containers, and sent back to the chemical production enterprise for treatment or harmless treatment according to the process technology specified by the unit.