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              Company Profile

              Yongkang Zhong Yi Web site introduction
              Yongkang Zhong wing industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development of a new adsorption material for high polymer oil spills and dangerous chemicals; it is included in the social organization of emergency response unit of environmental hazard management for the people's Government of Jinhua; its R & D products are approved by China Classification Society and production capacity certificate, and the intellectual property rights are in accordance with the law Protected by Chinese invention patents, appearance patents and utility model patents, it enjoys strong market competitiveness. The product research project is accepted by the experts organized by the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Bureau; the Ministry of industry and information is listed by the Ministry of industry and information in the catalogue of the production capacity of the emergency supplies for oil spill emergency supplies, and is selected by the national maritime field for emergency disposal and emergency preparedness for marine chemicals. Since 2013, Yongkang central wing environmental pollution control and rescue team has been independently involved in the emergency disposal activities of the 2016 "7.15" G25 long deep Yongkang section 16 tons oil leakage of Yong Kang River (Yong Xiangxi), and successfully completed the 20 mu of farmland oil pollution treatment and the comprehensive treatment of environmental hazards in the water of 20 thousand square meters. Li has ensured the environmental safety of the Qianjiang River system and successfully completed the arduous task of escorting the G20 Hangzhou summit.
              FG polymer adsorption material is white nest bee granular polymer, unique target physical adsorption properties, oil absorption, water absorption, fire extinguishing, explosion-proof, anti static, corrosion resistance and other excellent characteristics. Product physical and chemical properties: insoluble in water and any chemical liquid, non-toxic, unodorless, non oxidizing, non corrosive, non combustible, resistant to high temperature above 1000 degrees centigrade, hydrophobicity and other excellent characteristics, can adsorb all kinds of oil pollution. The products are cheap, easy to use, easy to use, friendly to the environment, non-toxic to water, aquatic fishery, and plant environment, and do not produce secondary and two pollution. Compared with traditional activated carbon and PP chemical fiber felt, the product has both fire-fighting and explosion-proof properties. It is widely regarded as an essential material for emergency disposal and emergency storage of oil and chemical leakage accidents. Products have been exported to Japan, Italy and other European and American countries for offshore drilling platforms and marine terminal operations to prevent environmental pollution emergency oil spill emergency supplies.
              Main products: FG polymer adsorption oil pollution materials: adsorption granules (bulk spray), oil absorption pad, oil absorption pillow, oil sucking rod, oil sucking hurdles, oil absorption fence, oil tanker ballast water filter oil absorption particles and so on. Adsorbed oil includes: oil (crude oil), oil, diesel, gasoline and more than 100 kinds of oil products. And military chemical anti pollution products and technologies.
              FG polymer adsorption chemical materials: chemical adsorption granules, chemical adsorption pads, chemical adsorption rods, acid / alkaline neutralization particles, hydrochloric acid adsorbed particles, toluene / Xylene Adsorption particles.
              Application fields: the disposal of oil spillage adsorbing fire extinguishing materials in oil tank area; leakage adsorption material in chemical tank area; the Reserve Bank of civil port and military port emergency material; ship Reserve Bank; chemical adsorption and fire extinguishing; oil adsorption and fire extinguishing; offshore drilling and mining platform and oil spill removal recovery and recovery; cooling water leakage adsorption of nuclear reactor Pollution control of soil oil pollution and dangerous chemicals and so on. The types of adsorbent chemicals include aromatics, benzene, esters, alkanes, alcohols, polar compounds and more than one thousand chemicals.
              Excellent products and excellent service are our company's consistent pursuit. The company has always adhered to the human values of "freedom, happiness, harmony and symbiosis", advocated the enterprise spirit of "unity and struggle, realistic innovation", and actively opened up the market at home and abroad, and the quality and service of the products have been widely praised by Chinese and foreign customers.

              Company website: http://www.mytechreport.com

              General manager: Huang Jianshe

              Mobile phone: 86-13605895103

              Office phone: 0086-579-87381307

              Fax: 0579-87585891

              Mailbox: 13605895103@139.com

              Enterprise mailbox: ?zy1-king@ykzhongyi.com

              Company QQ: 2355646661

              Company address: No. 8 Xingda Road 4, Xicheng street, Yongkang, Zhejiang.

              Zip code 321300