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              Quality Inspection Report

              Yongkang Zhongyi Manufacture & Trade Co., Ltd.


              Technology Center

              In March 15, 2017, the Zhejiang provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Jinhua Bureau, Yongkang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other dozen experts and leaders to come to visit the guidance
              In November 10, 2017 2017, organized by the Jinhua Municipal Communist Youth League Jinhua city youth entrepreneurship and innovation contest, a total of 120 in Jinhua area
              In October 16, 2017, Yongkang city's Department of political commissar and other leaders visited the Yu Guangming Industrial and Trading Company in Yongkang wing.
              In June 4, 2017, the mayor of Yongkang, Zhu Zhijie, took the head of the government department to visit the middle wing company. Mayor Zhu expressed appreciation for the new scientific and